WHy choose dry carpet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is a unique cleaning system using a natural plant based,organic product.

The product consists of millions of absorbent particles that act like a natural sponge to eliminate dirt and odours from your carpet. This leaves your carpets fresh,fragrant and dry.

The product is non - abrasive, fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Dry carpet cleaning offers outstanding results.

Carpets are professionally deep cleaned and are dry and ready to use immediately.

No moisture is retained in your carpets which attracts dirt after cleaning. 85% of soiling in carpets is dry and will be extracted using our unique system.

There is no risk of shrinkage or colour loss.

Environmentally friendly - no water usage or need for extra heating or driers.

Indoor air quality is vastly improved offering relief to asthma sufferers, removes allergens including pet allergens by around 85%, mould spores and dust mites are reduced by up to 75%.

If your carpets are not 100% dry on completion, you will get your money back.